Manufacturer of jigsaw puzzles, board and card games

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Manufacturer of jigsaw puzzles, board and card games

Come up with an idea and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’ll prepare the initial graphic design, select the materials, put everything into one coherent whole and then work on every detail. 

At the end you will receive the final product. Ready to sell or a way to advertise your company. And of course – a lot of fun 😊!

The production process for puzzles, board games and playing cards

How does it work?

It only takes 4 simple steps to get your own product ready to use.


Tell us what you expect from your product

Together, we’ll determine all of the key technical parameters of the game, cards or jigsaw puzzle, including: the materials used, production technology, protection against opening, order size and even delivery time.


Upload your design or let our graphic designers help you

Share your materials or tell us about your concept and our dedicated team will work on it. 

On this basis, we’ll prepare several versions of the design for you, from which you’ll choose the one to be submitted for production.


Accept and await the results

Once all of the parameters and designs are set, the next step is to finalise the order. 

We’ll prepare the game or jigsaw puzzle – in high quality and according to your expectations.


Receive the shipment with your own products

In the‘final step’, we pack the products in well protected cardboard boxes and place them on a pallet. 

Then we pass them directly to the courier company, which makes sure they reach you quickly and efficiently – straight to your address.

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Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions

What is the lead time?

With standard orders and production fluency – the lead time should not exceed 4 weeks. It is counted from the final approval of prints.

When can we order the production?

We accept orders for the production of board and card games as well as jigsaw puzzles all year round. However, we know from experience that in the third quarter of each year (from September to December) there are significantly more orders.

This is why, for several years now, we have refused to accept orders outside the schedule agreed upon beforehand in this period. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to restock your warehouses and order production before this busy period in the printing industry.

Do we make product prototypes?

We do not make product prototypes. However, if necessary, we provide samples of games, puzzles and cards from previous projects.

Is it possible to make an original product?

If the logistic minimum is kept – yes! With dedicated production for a specific technical specification, we have to keep in mind that it often involves the creation of new die cutting machines or dies. This is of course reflected in the price (but only during the first manufacturing run).

What is the minimum order?

The logistical minimum is 500 pieces (in the case of jigsaw puzzles and boardgames) and 1000 pieces (in the case of card games and books).

How much are you able to manufacture?

Our production capacity depends on the type and complexity of the product. For example: with a standard jigsaw puzzle, we can deliver up to 200,000 units per month.

What do the payments look like?

After accepting the final prints, we ask for a prepayment based on a proforma invoice. In the case of longer cooperation, it may be possible to negotiate conditions. Payment is made in PLN, EUR or USD.