Production services:
die-cutting, coating, gluing, etc.

Production process support

Do you lack the time, resources or technology to carry out production in-house?

Let us support you with any of your production processes: die-cutting, laminating, packaging gluing, foiling and even UV coating.

Production support services

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The basic process in a printing company consisting in giving materials specific external shapes and also making any holes in them.

Die-cutting is often combined with other processing methods in the printing industry, e.g. creasing, convex or concave embossing, incising or perforating.


Finishing a product by wrapping it with thin paper (often printed), another paper of higher weight, cardboard or corrugated cardboard.

A good example is lamination of the surface of corrugated cardboard intended for product packaging.

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Gluing of packaging

Gluing is one of the final phases of packaging production. The gluing line for boxes can be single, double or even triple point.

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This service consists in applying an additional plastic surface to the print.

The printed surface acquires additional aesthetic and even mechanical qualities (including appropriate structure, stiffness or resistance to moisture).

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UV coating

Similarly to foiling, this is a form of print refinement. The surface of the sheet is covered with varnish – selectively or as a whole – and then fixed using UV radiation.

UV coating is used in the production of catalogues, flyers, calendars, covers and entire packaging.

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Advantages of production services

Why is it worth it?
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Extensive support options

We give you access to a full range of production services, which you can easily adapt to your current needs.

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Time and money savings

You don’t need to invest in your own machinery, software or even employee training. We take care of all of the processes for you – and at a fraction of the price.

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Huge production capacities and fast lead times

We can handle even the most complex and complicated orders. Tell us about your needs and we’ll do our best to satisfy them!

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Production plants as well as warehouses are located in the Krakow urban area. In addition, it is good to get to us from Katowice.

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