Jigsaw puzzle production pricing vs logistics minimum What should you know?

Every production company has its own specifics and unique machinery. It is no different when it comes to the processes connected with the production of jigsaw puzzles. The machines used to create jigsaw puzzles are demanding and have unique parameters that are extremely important – especially with regard to the initial cost.

automat kaszerujący

Automatic laminating machine for B1 formats.

Adapting a machine to the production of a specific series requires refitting of the machine and, consequently, its calibration. This necessary operation contributes to costs calculated both in terms of the operator’s time and the risk of destruction of some materials or semi-finished products.

How does all this affect the production costs of jigsaw puzzles, and what is the price list for this type of product? The answers are waiting below.

What does the jigsaw puzzle production price depend on?

When producing standard jigsaw puzzles and packaging, this cost can be reduced to a certain extent. To do this, it is sufficient to use standard cutting dies and matrices which are part of the equipment of a given printing house. However, the commissioning of the jigsaw puzzle machines remains a very important issue.

Thus, another factor influencing the final shape of the price list is the printing techniques. For larger print runs, offset printing is used. Offset is a type of flat printing in which the image is transferred to the printing substrate by means of an intermediary element – a cylinder. The aluminium matrix (plate) is created using the CTP imaging technology. However, lighting the matrices for a given project involves a start-up cost.

With larger production facilities, the lines are also geared to delivering larger quantities. Inline gluing machines for jigsaw puzzle packaging reach a gluing speed of around 20,000 per hour. It is therefore easy to calculate how long the gluing will take.

Calibrating the machine usually takes about an hour. During the calibration process, it should be expected that the first few dozen pieces will be simply destroyed. This is why product tests with small quantities are not profitable, and presenting a price to the customer is very problematic.

klejenie opakowań puzzli

Cardboard packaging before the gluing process.

What is the logistical minimum for the production of a custom jigsaw puzzle?

We know from experience that ‘humane’ pricing for jigsaw puzzles in larger facilities starts at 1000 pieces. At this point, all of the start-up costs are spread over the individual pieces and are not as noticeable.

Price dependence chart on logistic minimum

cennik puzzle

The price list for a jigsaw puzzle then often has a logistical minimum and smaller orders simply cannot be placed. An alternative to limited quantities (such as photo jigsaw puzzles), are smaller printing companies that use sublimation printing.

Such companies, which specialise in making photo jigsaw puzzles, often have premade (or ordered) jigsaw puzzles without any printing – even in several thousand copies. With such a semi-finished product, all that remains is to transfer the image using the sublimation technique and you can enjoy your jigsaw puzzle.

Would you like to know the production price of your jigsaw puzzle?

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