Solid or corrugated cardboard packaging? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions.

The perception and the final success of your puzzles, board games or other games depends on many factors. These include the design, rules of the game, and even the appearance and usability of the boxes in which the products are packed.

Learn about the basic types of cardboard used in the production of packaging, and see which raw material will work better for you. We look forward to doing business with you!

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Two-layer corrugated cardboard, bleached on one side.

Solid cardboard packaging. What should you know about them?

Bookbinding cardboard packaging usually comes in a two-piece form. These products are used widely, especially for board games. Does this connection make sense? You can find out later in the article.

Their base is solid cardboard, a material combining increased stiffness and a smooth surface. When printing directly on cardboard, the possibilities are quite limited (due to the said stiffness). However, their smooth surface is great for laminating. We can print any graphic design on the laminated front, without losing any functional parameters.

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The wide use of solid cardboard.

How should you choose and plan the production process for solid board packaging?

When starting a packaging design, we need to know what shape we want to get. You should also specify what will be inside the packaging. For example, do we want a printed surface inside the packaging (reverse side)? Or maybe your product is to be placed in the packaging, or maybe individual pieces should be arranged in relation to each other?

Inserts are used for arranging products inside the packaging. Although plastic solutions used to be most popular, currently they are usually made of paperboard. When using inserts, it seems to be pointless to laminate the box interior. This is because inserts fill the packaging bottom well and at the same time cover its base.

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Bookbinding cardboard packaging with an additional insert.

How is solid cardboard packaging made?

It all starts with creating the structure for the box. Elements of this type must be cut out of cardboard. If we want the interior to be printed, the cardboard must be combined with printed paper. Printing inside the packaging does not go well in terms of print refinement. The use of varnish or wrapping may later cause problems when applying the outer veneer inside the box.

Then the structures of the packaging are connected using the pre-prepared external veneer. Of course, the veneer with the graphic design is cut so as to match the box template. The packaging front sides has trappings for the corners and for folding inside the box.

The process is the same for both the lid and the bottom of the box. Both elements must fit perfectly for trouble-free opening and closing. In order to make opening easier, the height of the lid side is slightly smaller than the bottom.

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Solid cardboard frame.

Solid cardboard for packaging - is it worth it?

Solid cardboard packaging is probably the most expensive solution, mainly due to the extensive production process and the amount of raw material consumed. A less expensive alternative is corrugated cardboard packaging, which we will talk about in a moment.

We should remember that bookbinding cardboard packaging is not recommended for end customers if they are small children. This type of packaging causes problems for the youngest when they open it.

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One-piece solid cardboard packaging.

Corrugated cardboard packaging. Key information.

Corrugated cardboard is widely utilised as a raw material for packaging. Boxes made of this type of material are not particularly aesthetic. That is why they are used mainly to protect products during transport. Thanks to its very good mechanical properties, cardboard ensures that the packaging remains very stiff.

The issue of aesthetics for such packaging types can be solved by lamination. The use of printed paper or paperboard as the front side combines the features of paperboard packaging, at the same time maintaining the desired high durability. Such packaging can be laminated on the inside (although bleaching is now used more frequently for that purpose). This “camouflages” the characteristic corrugation and visible lines. However, the product itself has an attractive graphic design.

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Three-layer corrugated cardboard laminated with printed obverse.

What do corrugated cardboard boxes offer?

Laminated corrugated cardboard packaging gives a lot of freedom in terms of the shape of the box, therefore allowing you to create a very unique product.

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Corrugated cardboard packaging - wave structure on the outside.

They can be used for making one-piece packaging without gluing, with sliding elements and fasteners, for example. Solutions made of this raw material are not available in the case of solid cardboard or paperboard packaging. Corrugated cardboard also makes it possible to use handles (from plastic) for children, and even the increasingly fashionable handles made of cardboard string or linen.

Products such as puzzles or board games are usually packaged using type B or E three-layer corrugated cardboard, known as a microflute. The solutions based on this technology offer excellent quality and an attractive price, which is definitely lower than for solid cardboard packaging.

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Corrugated cardboard packaging is a good combination of price and quality.

Solid or corrugated cardboard? Need support in choosing the right cardboard for your packaging?

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