Paperboard packaging - useful information about carton boxes

Paperboard packaging is one of the most common types of box material. Paperboard is a raw material that is relatively easy to process and provides a wide range of printing options. These aspects make it such a popular solution, which is why it is popular in the production of packaging for puzzles, board and card games, and many others.

Further in the post, you will learn more about it and can check out in which industries it works equally well. Have a good read!

opakowania kartonowe

Paperboard packaging and unusual solutions.

What possibilities does paperboard offer?

One of the key advantages is the easy manufacturing of even the most difficult packaging shapes, simply impossible with other types of raw material. It is also possible to use additional printing refinement methods (such as hot-stamping or embossing). They can considerably enhance the visual effects of our product.

karton opakowania

Custom paperboard packaging closure.

What are its limitations?

Their weakest point is their stiffness, which is much lower than that offered by cardboard, for example. This means that when the contents exert pressure on the walls, the packaging may distort and bulge. In extreme cases, a sudden motion may even open the box, spilling out its contents.

When products require packaging of increased stiffness, the right method is to use laminated corrugated cardboard packaging. It combines good packaging stiffness and the ability to refine the print.

karton puzzle

Paperboard packaging for paperboard figurines.

In which areas is paperboard packaging of particular use?

It is definitely the predominant type of packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. These types of products do not need to be laminated, which greatly reduces costs. In addition, their dimensions are relatively small because of the low stiffness. One sheet of raw material can usually contain several pieces, which makes the final production cheaper.

This type of raw material also works well in the production of selected packaging for card games, smaller puzzles or jigsaws. While maintaining a relatively low product weight compared to the wall surface, such a solution can be both durable and interesting in terms of visual design. This is because it enables the use of an integral euro hanger in the paperboard packaging and offers a better display of the product itself.

opakowania farmaceutyczne producent

Pharmaceutical packaging made of paperboard.

Do you want your product packaging to be durable, attractive and reliable?


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