Advertising jigsaw puzzles as an effective form of promotion.
Get to know them even better!

The effectiveness of your company’s marketing may often depend not only on the budget you have at your disposal, but above all, on your creativity and how your actions will be perceived by the customers themselves.

An interesting way to arouse interest and maintain contact is by using a jigsaw puzzle, which can be an ideal gift. This solution works perfectly, for example as a kind of summary of a meeting with a customer or business partner.

puzzle reklamowe produkcja

Advertising puzzles as a creative addition to building business relationships.

Find out more about jigsaw puzzles used in brand advertising and decide whether they will also work well in promoting your company.

Characteristics of advertising jigsaw puzzles – are they a good solution for you too?

Jigsaw puzzles, just like board games, have packaging with a large surface area, which is an ideal place to apply visual identification. The enlarged size of the product naturally ‘forces’ the interest of third parties. In turn, the matching content of the packaging is a guarantee that the customer will return to our product again and again.

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Advertising puzzles are a guarantee of multiple fun and contact with our advertising.

Advertising jigsaw puzzles work well in all situations where it is necessary to build direct relations with customers. The diversity of this form of communication is incredibly wide. Thanks to this, they are perfect for such occasions as national and international fairs, promotion of a beauty clinic, tax office, or insurance agency, and even as a nice addition addressed to employees (and given to them e.g. during a company anniversary).

Are advertising jigsaw puzzles a solution for everyone? Not really!

Of course, there are some exceptions. Advertising jigsaw puzzles are not the best solution for companies running parallel retail sales. If you are involved in trading products of the same or similar themes (e.g. souvenirs) – it will be much better to create your own product tailored for sale. This will not only be a form of effective advertising, but above all, it will strengthen the perception of your brand.

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Advertising puzzles or products adapted to retail sale?

Are you looking for a company that will create your own advertising jigsaw puzzle?

Write or call us and we will be happy to take care of the whole process and help you create a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle that will be an effective form of advertising for your company.

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The Jigsaw Puzzle Factory offers comprehensive jigsaw puzzle production services, where we are responsible for the design, fabrication, packaging and even transportation of the finished jigsaw puzzle. Contact us for more details and to receive a quote. It costs nothing!